Saturday, October 24, 2009

Behold! Teh Pimphand! An Introduction, a bio, a killing of time

It was only a matter of time before Melissa's near endless harping induced me to write a new blog (I had a heavily trafficked one back in '04-'05 but the host decided my tone was offensive). Not that she thinks my unique style of anti-social caustic banter needed a wider audience than after hours at Tanuki could provide.

No, she simply would not let up on my politics "chasing off the customers" from the Nuki twitter account. So, here in all its majesty is my blog.

Lets establish this now-
Obama is a fucking Marxist, nationalized healthcare is a path to fascism & you liberal commies out there can fucking suck it for all I care. There. It needed saying. That said, if you are a Nuki customer I love you still even though you are obviously insane.

In later blogs I will endeavor to explain to ya'll why freedom, creativity and excellence can only exist in a free-market society. There will be recipes, gratuitous and frequent uses of "cunt" as noun, verb, adverb AND adjective. Food pictures, explanations of obscure culinary terms and products and drink tips.

There will be frequent references to a genre of movies known as "torture porn". Best add some to your Netflix queue or you just won't get it. Also, Lauren German is hot.

So there, first blog.